OK, we rebuilt, ran 15 passes and grenaded again at the Nostalgia races at Speedworld. Good news is we did a new best ET of 10.89 at 122mph at 15 lbs of boost. The timing chain let loose on the last past. Going an 11.27 (breaking at the 1000ft)against a big block Hemi!!! So, with Manley Rods, Classic Inlines Head (now fully ported), HardBloc, custom Will-designed cam by Clay Smith we were able to get the best ETs, lower boost and best 60ft (1.52 sec). We are now re-engineering the cam/crank sprocket/timing chain combo to accept a 302 based set-up. We'll keep you posted. We plan to try again at the Standard 1320 event on Labor Day at Speedworld.

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